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Tax Resolution FAQ’s From Clients

  • Can You PROMISE To Settle My Tax Debt And Make It Lower?
    No…but we can PROMISE to resolve your issue in the manner that is BEST for your situation that the IRS agrees to…based on information sent to us by you. The Settlement process is VERY misunderstood but we PROMISE to try and save you as much money as possible through all available programs. Relief programs are 100% based on your ability to pay the debt…NOT what you owe. Plus, if you owed $100,000 and IRS says you can “settle” for $25,000...this may not be the best program available. For example, what if we could negotiate a plan where you could pay $100 for 36 months and then the IRS would forgive the rest? That would equal you paying $3600 versus a “settlement” of $25,000 on a $100,000 balance due to IRS. Which would YOU prefer?
  • What Can You Do To Help Me Then?
    Besides eliminating the need for you to deal with IRS directly and actually resolving the issues for good? WELL…We can place you in the following: An Income based negotiated Installment Agreement that is typically MUCH lower than you could get on your own PLUS we place defined terms on the agreement to ensure that you are covered moving forward as long as you remain compliant. A Partial Payment Installment Agreement with terms to eliminate the majority of the debt over time. (EX: If you owed $30k…You may pay $300 a month for 30 months and the collection statute will expire removing the remaining balance saving you over $15k) An OIC or Offer In Compromise is a TRUE settlement where you pay a small portion of the debt and agree to stay compliant in exchange for a “forgiveness” on the remaining balance due 4. CNC or Currently Not Collectable means that the IRS agrees to allow you to NOT pay the debt unless your income situation changes for the better before the collection statute expires. In many cases, the CNC allows taxpayers to pay ZERO on their debt
  • Can You Guys Reduce My Tax Liability?
    Again, our enrolled agents are experts in Tax Resolution so they will analyze every individual tax situation carefully to determine what relief programs you qualify for and how we can best resolve your situation. Reducing your tax debt is a common result, but moreover the firm will assist you by placing you into a position that will relieve the pressure of owing taxes plus help prevent your situation from worsening in whatever manner is best for your specific situation.
  • Can You Get My Money Back From An IRS Levy?
    Because of how difficult it is to remove and recoup money lost through a bank levy, experienced enrolled agents should be hired to assist you. We have extensive experience both lifting levies and recouping funds on behalf of taxpayers but we cannot promise this due to every case being different. We will do everything legal to fight for your money if it has been taken through a levy
  • How Long Does This Process Take?
    We treat every client individually because every case is unique. Your tax situation might be resolved in a matter of days, a matter of months or may take up to two years, depending on what types of actions are required to reach full resolution. Regardless of the length of time it might take to resolve your situation, you can rest assured knowing that you will no longer have to communicate with the IRS at all any longer. Once hired, we will completely protect you and take care of things on your behalf for the entire duration of our services from beginning to end. Take advantage of this great opportunity for stress relief by contacting us today for a free confidential analysis of your case.
  • How Am I Supposed To Afford To Pay For Your Services?
    Well, unlike other firms…our initial “due diligence” phase is completely FREE. We will generate an IRS Account Review Report and develop a resolution plan at no cost. We will then work with you to determine if we will proceed to implement this plan or if you will do it on your own. Keep in mind that our services are typically much less than our “competition” and we do not require it all to be paid up-front. We will work on your case while you make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments for our fees. We are here to help you so we can arrange something that will work for your situation. In most cases, our fees are paid for through the relief of your tax burden whether it is via a renegotiated Installment Agreement or an OIC…we will help you save money in the long run for sure.
  • Will I Continue To Get Levied After Hiring You?
    NO!!! Hiring us when you have a levy means that your case goes to the top of the list. We will get the wage levy released ASAP, typically IRS wage levies can be released in 48-72 hours, and we will then begin working on implementing a plan to keep it away in the future plus figure out a way to ensure that your tax situation is resolved through one of the four relief programs available.
  • What If I Get An “Intent To Levy” Notice After Hiring You?
    Intent to levy notices are extremely urgent because they are very time-sensitive. An intent to levy notice means you only have a short period of time before the IRS will issue a levy on your bank account in order to force the collection of taxes you owe. Because of this, you need immediate representation from a firm that has Enrolled Agents who specialize in these matters, such as Whitewood Solutions.

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